Month: May 2013

Venture Debt 101 – Banks vs. Venture Debt Firms

 Venture Debt 101 – Part II (I had originally though of just writing a 2-parter, but think a multi-parter is needed, with the next post being the anatomy of a Venture Debt term sheet).   Banks vs. Venture Debt Providers:  In part I of my Venture Debt 101 series, I outlined the basics of Venture Debt financing for start-ups.   It’s fairly straightforward and provides a very high level roadmap of navigating if and when a Company should...

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Venture debt 101

(Note: This will be a 2 Multi-part blog, with the next post focused on comparing and contrasting Venture debt from Venture Debt firms vs. Banks).  For the uninitiated, Venture debt is simply debt financing for Venture Capital backed companies for the purpose of accelerating growth in a way that’s minimally dilutive for shareholders. While there are several forms of debt available to start-ups (Asset Based Accounts receivable,...

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