Month: August 2013

First Republic Bank Private Equity and Venture Capital NextGen conference

Ever since I can remember, I’ve hated corporate conferences.  Ok, hate is a strong word, so perhaps strong dislike is a better term. Many are nothing more than a holy amalgamation of talking heads, rubber chicken dinners, conversations borne out of intoxication, and military grade agendas. Nevertheless, I trudge through 7-8 conferences a year. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have a choice. Perhaps it’s because of my desire...

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VC Math for Founders – It’s me, not you!

Venture Capital Math – It’s me, not you! While a necessary exercise, embarking on the fundraising path for most is no more enjoyable than a trip to the dentist.   Aside from being distracting, fundraising can an incredibly difficult process to navigate through. Recently, I spoke with a founder who after two weeks of pitching to VC’s, lamented to me “I don’t get it – they should be falling all over this idea!” Well, of course they should....

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