Month: April 2014

The evolution of the early stage financing market with Duncan Davidson, Bullpen Ventures

The evolution of the Venture Capital industry has been fairly dramatic over the past several years. A trend that’s emerged prominently in the early stage market is the massive supply of seed stage companies relative to supply of Series A capital. Bullpen Capital is one of the early pioneers in providing stage specific financing related to this phenomenon. The below is a transcript of a chat I recently had with Duncan Davidson, Founder and...

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Seed Fundraising tips with Ullas Naik, GP at Streamlined Ventures

I recently sat down with Ullas Naik, Founder and General Partner of Streamlined Ventures, to discuss the current seed fundraising market. Streamlined Ventures is a seed stage firm that focuses on investing in business application and infrastructure software companies. Ullas has nearly two decades of investing experience and previously 12+ years as a senior Partner at Globespan Capital Partners. Tell us a bit about why you formed...

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