Month: August 2016

Venture Observations 2016 — Tweetstorm version

Follow me @samirkaji for my always random, sometimes relevant thoughts on the world of venture investing and startups. As we move closer to Labor Day (amazing how quickly this year has gone), I wanted to share a few observations we’ve seen within the world of venture. I may expand on a few later, but in the interest of time and ease of digestion, I’ve listed my thoughts tweetstorm style below— Yes, I may have hit >140 characters on a...

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The different types of Seed VC’s

Please follow me @samir kaji for my random and occasionally relevant thoughts on venture capital and technology. Stemming from the venture pullback that started in late 2015, it’s been one of the toughest years in recent times for companies seeking seed capital from VC’s this year.  The good news for companies seeking seed venture funding is that with the with a record number of new institutional seed funds and what appears to be shaping...

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