1999 – The year I started my career within venture capital.  I still remember the time well. Companies going public in 18 months with vanity metrics while nearly 1100 venture firms worked feverishly to deploy $100B+ of capital into incredible companies like Webvan and Pets.com.  Fun times.

A lot has happened since then, and I count myself fortunate to have seen a lot through my journey as a banker and angel investor.

A couple of years ago, I decided to finally get off the proverbial couch and start my blogging as a hobby as I’ve had a unique seat in the market and wanted to share perspectives of mine and others more broadly.

Reflecting back now, I have a few observations:

1)   Writing is freaking HARD. I have the utmost respect for active bloggers, professional writers, and authors. Translating thoughts to paper isn’t easy.  Writer’s block is real. Doing it with any sort of tangible frequency requires a unbelievable amount of commitment and time.

2)   Blogging is incredibly fulfilling and therapeutic. At least for me it is. It forces you to get away from the day-to-day minutiae and distraction and drives reflection and thought.

3)   I get to meet a lot of incredibly smart and interesting people in the market. I can’t emphasize this enough. My day-to-day provides me the daily privilege to chat with Entrepreneurs, VC’s, Angels, Limited Partners, and other great constituents.

So why am I sharing all of this?

In today’s connected world where news and information are ubiquitous, far too much real time perspective is still hidden from public consumption because of reason #1 listed above. I rarely find the great viewpoints I hear daily anywhere with consistency. In fact, even in today’s blogging world, <10% of people within the valley actively blog.

The goal of this blog is provide my perspective along with others in the valley around a whole host of topics.

I’ll end with my safe harbor statement and disclose that the opinions and information reflected on this site do not necessarily reflect those of my employer (First Republic Bank).

Samir Kaji