Just last week, I wrote about the evolving Micro-VC market.  

Following that post, I received notes from several firms that wanted to confirm they were part of the data set (236 firms).  Many weren’t, so I spent a few minutes this weekend adding in the names.

The updated count?

250 firms, although I’m confident we’re still missing a few.

Boston – 15

SoCal – 17

NY – 33

SF Bay Area – 115

Rest of country/world – 70

A few notes:

1/The fund sizes below represent the size of the current fund the firm is investing from, not AUM of firm.

2/Some of the firms below are still in fundraise mode, so some may graduate to higher fund dollar classes based on future closes.

3/With respect to geography, all Bay Area firms were categorized as San Francisco (versus categorizing them by city).  SoCal firms were categorized as LA (sorry). “Other” references geographies outside of Boston, NY, SF, and LA. I’ll break it out later in more detail, but it’s what I’ve used for tracking purposes.

4/Many firms on the list are multi-geography in nature, so I had to judgement to deem a HQ.

5/The buckets are in $25MM increments; As such, the $0-$25MM range may include a $2MM fund or a $25MM fund.

6/Form D filings were used for some, so it’s likely some managers raised far more or less than what the filing indicated.

7/Not all of the firms listed would consider themselves Micro-VC’s, but it’s my list.

I’ll likely update this list at some point with sector/stage focus/average initial check size once I find some time to do so.

Finally, if I’ve missed any names or mistaken profiled any firms (I’m sure I’ve done both significantly here), please contact me so I can update.


212 Capital Partners Florida Multi Sector
55 Ventures SF/NY Multi-sector
645 Ventures NY Multi-sector
Accelerator Ventures SF Multi-sector
ACE & Company Switzerland Muti Sector
Advancit Capital Boston Multi-sector
AF Square LA Multi-sector
Allegro Ventures SF Multi-sector
Arcus Ventures Chicago Multi Sector
Arnold Capital SF Multi-sector
Array Ventures SF Enterprise
Base Ventures SF Multi-sector
Bassin Ventures SF Mobile
Bee Partners SF Multi-sector
Belle Capital Mi Multi-sector
Bennu SF Multi-sector
Blackbird Ventures Australia Multi-sector
BOLDstart Ventures NY Enterprise
Bolt Boston Hardware
BoostVC SF Multi-sector
Bootstrap Labs SF Multi-sector
Brooklyn Bridge Ventures NY Multi-sector
Canyon Creek LA Multi-sector
Center Electric SF IoT
Coent Venture Partners Singapore Multi-sector
Commerce VC SF Commerce
Common Angels Boston Multi Sector
Core Ventures SF Enterprise
DAN fund Tx Multi-sector
Darling Ventures SF Multi-Sector
Designer Fund SF Multi-sector
Detroit Venture Partners MI Multi-sector
Divergent Ventures WA Multi-sector
Dorm Room Fund NY Multi-sector
Double M Partners LA Multi-sector
Drummond Road Capital OH Multi-sector
Dundee Venture Capital Ne Multi-sector
Female Founders Fund NY Multi-sector
Fenox Venture Capital SF Multi-sector
Firebolt Ventures SF Multi-sector
FireStarter Fund IL Multi-sector
First Step Fund Michigan Multi-sector
Fortify.vc DC Multi-sector
Founder Equity Chicago Multi-sector
Founders Co-op WA Multi-sector
Fresh VC NV Multi-sector
Fuel Capital SF Multi-sector
Galvanize Ventures SF Multi-sector
Golden Gate Ventures SF Multi-sector
GovTech Fund SF Government tech
Hackers and Founders SF Multi-sector
Healthy Ventures SF Digitial Health
Indicator Ventures Boston Multi-sector
Inner Product SF Multi-sector
Inspiration VC SF Multi-sector
K Cube Ventures Korea Multi-sector
Kae Capital India Multi-sector
Kapor Capital SF Multi-sector
LaunchCapital Boston Multi-sector
Lemnos Labs SF Hardware
Lifeline Ventures Finland Multi-sector
Lionbird Il Enterprise
Ludlow Ventures MI Multi-sector
LVenture Italy Multi-sector
Matchstick Ventures Mn Multi-sector
Maven Ventures SF Consumer
mbloom Hawaii Multi-sector
MentorTech Ventures PA Multi-sector
Mesa Ventures NY Multi-sector
Midven UK Healthcare
Moneta Ventures Folsom Multi-sector
Montage Ventures SF Multi-sector
MontaVista SF Enterprise
Morado Venture Partners SF Multi-sector
Moscow Seed Fund Russia Multi-sector
Mucker Capital LA Multi-sector
Neu Venture Capital NY Multi-sector
NewSchools Venture Fund SF Multi-sector
Notation Capital NY Multi-sector
Novastar Ventures UK Multi-sector
Okapi Venture Capital LA Multi-sector
Pipeline Capital Partners SF Multi-sector
Plug and Play Ventures SF Multi-sector
Practica Capital Lithuania Multi-sector
Precursor Ventures SF Multi-sector
Primary Ventures NY Multi-sector
Progress Ventures Boston Multi-sector
Quest Venture Partners SF Multi-sector
Red Swan Ventures NY Multi-sector
Riverfront Ventures Pittsburgh Multi-sector
Rothenberg Ventures SF Multi-sector
Rubicon VC SF Multi-sector
Scout Ventures NY Multi-sector
Scrum Ventures SF Multi-sector
Social Leverage LA Multi-sector
Starta Capital Russia Multi-sector
Subtraction Capital SF Multi-sector
Susa SF Multi-sector
Sustainable Conversion Ventures Arizona Renewable energy
SXE Ventures Hong Kong Multi-sector
TEEC Angel Fund SF Multi-sector
TenOneTen LA Multi-sector
The Launch Fund LA Multi-sector
The Valley Fund SF Multi-sector
Thesis Ventures Florida Multi-sector
Three Bridges SF Multi-sector
Tomorrow Ventures SF Multi-sector
Unitus Seed Fund Seattle Multi-sector
Unshackled SF Multi-sector
Uprising VC SF Multi-sector
Utthishta Management Advisors India Multi-sector
Vast Ventures NY Multi-sector
Vayner/RSE NY Multi-sector
Velos Capital LA Multi-sector
Venture51 NYC Multi-sector
Winklevoss Ventures (Capital) NY Multi-sector
WISC Partners SF Multi-sector
Work-Bench Ventures NY Multi-sector
ZenShin Capital SF Multi-sector


112.VC SF Enterprise
212 Capital Turkey Multi-sector
Aligned Partners SF Enterprise
Amplify Partners SF Enterprise
Aperture Ventures NY Healthcare
Arafura Ventures sf Multi-Sector
Arena Ventures LA Multi-Sector
Birchmere Ventures PA Multi-sector
Bluepointe Ventures SF Multi Sector
Blume Ventures India Multi-sector
Bowery Capital NY Multi-sector
Bullpen Capital SF Multi-sector
Caffeineited Capital SF Multi-sector
Cervin Ventures SF Enterprise
Chicago Ventures IL Multi-sector
Clear Venture Partners SF Enterprise
Cloud Apps Capital Partners SF Enterprise
Collaborative Fund LA Multi-sector
Contour Venture Partners NY Multi-sector
Core Innnovation Capital LA Multi-sector
CrunchFund SF Multi-sector
Crystal Tech Fund VA Multi-sector
Cultivation Capital MO Multi-sector
Dace Ventures Boston Multi-sector
Data Point Capital Boston Multi-sector
Deep Fork Capital SF/NY Multi-sector
Draper Associates SF Multi-sector
Ecosystem Integrity SF Cleantech
Engineering Capital SF Enterprise
Expansive Ventures SF Multi-sector
ff Venture Capital NY Multi-sector
Flywheel Ventures NM Multi-sector
Freestyle Capital SF Multi-sector
Frost Data Capital LA Big Data
Frost Venture Partners LA Multi-sector
High Line Venture Partners NY Multi-sector
Hoxton Ventures UK Multi-sector
Illuminate Ventures SF Enterprise
Initialized Capital NY Multi-sector
Inversur Chile Multi-sector
K9 Ventures SF Multi-sector
Karlani Capital NY Multi-sector
Kickstart NY Multi-sector
Krillion Ventures Fla Multi-sector
Lowercase Capital SF Multi-sector
Lumia Capital SF Multi-sector
Luminari Capital SF Multi-sector
Merus Capital SF Multi-sector
Naya Ventures Tx Multi-sector
NextView Ventures Boston Multi-sector
Pejman Mar Ventures SF Multi-sector
PivotNorth Capital SF Multi-sector
Point Nine Capital Germany Multi-sector
Profounders UK Multi-sector
Project 11 Boston Multi-sector
Promus Ventures IL Multi-sector
Red Sea Ventures NY Multi-sector
Resolute VC Boston/SF Multi-sector
Rincon Venture Partners CA Multi-sector
Rivet Ventures SF Multi-sector
Romulus Capital Boston Multi-sector
Root.VC SF Multi-sector
Sarsia Seed Norway Multi-sector
Sawari Ventures Egypt Multi-sector
SeedCamp UK Multi-sector
SignalFire SF Multi-sector
Spark Global UK Multi-sector
Streamlined Ventures SF Multi-sector
Transmedia Fund SF Multi Sector
Upside Partnership SF Multi-sector
Valar Ventures NY Multi-sector
VegasTech Fund NV Multi-sector
Version One Ventures Canada Multi-sector
Vertex Ventures Singapore Multi-sector
Wavemaker Partners LA Multi-sector
YL Ventures Cayman Multi-sector


500 Startups SF Multi-sector
A Capital SF Multi-sector
Baseline Ventures SF Multi-sector
BIP Capital GA Multi-sector
Cowboy Ventures SF Consumer
CrossCut Ventures LA Multi-sector
ENIAC Ventures NY Multi-sector
Forerunner SF Consumer
Golden Gate Ventures Singapore Multi-Sector
Great Oaks Venture Capital NY Multi-sector
Harrison Metal SF Multi-sector
Homebrew SF Multi-sector
Kepha Partners Boston Multi-sector
Kibo Ventures Spain Multi-sector
Learn Capital SF Ed tech
Lerer Ventures NY Multi-sector
Metamorphic Ventures NY Multi-sector
MHS Capital SF Multi-sector
Passion Capital UK Multi-sector
Raptor Ventures Boston Multi-sector
S3 Ventures Tx Multi-sector
Structure Capital SF Multi-sector
SV Angel SF Multi-sector
Tugboat Ventures SF Multi-sector
XG Ventures SF Multi-sector
Xseed Capital SF Multi-sector
Zetta Venture Partners SF Multi-sector


Arcus NY Multi-sector
Bloomberg Beta SF Multi-sector
Cue Ball Capital Boston Multi-sector
Felicis Ventures SF Multi-sector
Floodgate Capital Sf Multi-sector
IA Ventures NY Multi-sector
Kaszek Ventures Argentina Multi-sector
Moment Ventures SF Multi-sector
O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures SF Multi-sector
Obvious Ventures SF Multi-sector
Raine Ventures SF Multi-sector
Real Ventures Canada Multi-sector
Silverton Partners TX Multi-sector
SoftTech VC SF Multi-sector
Tandem Capital SF Multi-sector
Walden VC SF Multi-sector
Wing Ventures SF Multi-sector
X fund SF Multi-sector

Unknown Fund Size 

AIB Seed Capital Fund Ireland Multi-sector
BrandProject Multi-sector
CincyTech OH Multi-sector
Connect Ventures UK Multi-sector
Hyde Park Venture Partners Chicago Multi-sector
Lool Ventures Israel Multi-sector
OCA Ventures IL Multi-sector
Operative Capital SF Multi-sector
Signia Venture Partners SF Multi-sector
Unicorn Venture Capital India Multi-sector




42 Responses to “Mapping out Micro-VC – Updated 8/7/2015”

  1. HI Samir
    BELLE Capital USA LP is a micro vc with under $25MM in capital. We are a national fund with offices in Michigan , Chicago and LA.

  2. Thank you for the mention 🙂

  3. Of the Micro-VCs between 0 and $25M, could you tell me which ones like tech investments? I have a unique cyber security company that has raised $8M and will be seeking $10M – $15M in 6-9 months. Thanks much.

    • samir.kaji says:

      All of these are tech investors; the round size you’re seeking is more appropriate for larger investors (i.e. Accel/NEA/Sequoia/etc). Average check size for the $0-$25MM group is typically $500K-$1MM/investment

  4. The PROfounders Capital fund is £26m (about $40m).

  5. Please add Birchmere Ventures; about to launch Fund 5 in $25m-$50m; based in Pittsburgh.

  6. BIP Capital in Atlanta. $75m. Southeast focused.

  7. Thanks for the mention! Subtraction Capital is based in SF with a satellite office in Park City.

  8. Hi Samir,

    Thanks for pulling this together. One addition: Krillion is a $50M Miami-based micro vc.

  9. Would love if you could add Founder Equity – we invest an average of $2.5m, based in Chicago.

  10. Can you also add Riverfront Ventures? We’re based in Pittsburgh and recently closed a $23.7M fund. Thanks!

  11. Doorie Lee says:

    Hi Samir, thanks for posting and updating this list. Our company is in that awkward tweener stage (past proof of concept, demo, pre-launch seed/series A) and finding the appropriate funds both in size and fit has been a challenge. Using this list in tandem with Linkedin to find any mutual contacts that can provide an intro into some of these funds has been an encouraging strategy. Hope to see this list grow as more of these funds pop up to fill this crucial void in the fundraising ecosystem.

  12. Hi Samir – been following your blog + write-ups on CBI – good stuff, keep ’em coming! Would you add Thesis Ventures – we’re in South Florida – sub $25M capital and primarily focused on the On-demand and CPG spaces. Thanks!

  13. Thanks for the list. CommonAngels Ventures is a $27M fund run by two GPs and comprised of tech leaders in the community.

  14. Would you please add Center Electric – we are in San Francisco – currently sub $25M and investing along an Internet of Things infrastructure theme. Thanks very much.

  15. Three more <25M – Darling Ventures (SF, multi), Arafura Ventures (SF, SaaS), Blue Pointe Ventures (SF, multi)

  16. Transmedia Capital Fund 1 – under $25m, established in 2010, fully invested. One of the top performing micro vcs in Silicon Valley.
    Transmedia Capital Fund II – $25m to $50m, currently active.

  17. Samir, please add Sustainable Conversion Ventures to the $25M-50M group. Our focus is on renewable chemicals and synthetic biology (green tech).

  18. Hi Samir,

    Corigin Ventures is an NYC-based, multi-sector micro fund with <$25M invested thus far.

  19. Hi Samir,
    Please add Utthishta Yekum Fund in 0-25 Mil group. Our focus is B2B software, mobile, analytics, SAAS startups based out of India.

  20. Samir, thanks for sharing the list. It’s such a great help. Which of these firms has interest/invested in travel related business? Do you know?

  21. JANVEST Capital Partners (U.S.-based / Israel-focused) – $0-25MM. Thank you.

  22. Please add Arthur Ventures, $25-$50m, Minneapolis and Fargo, Enterprise

  23. Philip S. Miller says:

    Wow, this list is pure Gold! Thank you so much Samir!


  24. Great list. Please add Aristos Ventures in Texas. $0-25MM. Muti-sector.

  25. Hi Samir,

    Great article. Do you have an updated list of the 350+ micro-vc firms that you have compiled?

  26. Excellent Stuff


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